Eucatex Has Come A Long Way and It Is Truly Going Places

Eucatex Group is one of the most successful organizations in its field. It mainly focuses on the construction and furniture industry by manufacturing and distributing different products globally. Some of the products include large industrial packaging, various types of toys, doors, plates and panel boards.

The Evolution of Visual Effects in Film

Even for the casual moviegoer, anyone that has seen films from the 1970's to today has seen the evolution of visual effects in the film industry.

Spinal Surgery Centers around North America

Health is a very sensitive issue for human beings and more so in the American society. This is why organizations such as North American Spine have maintained a high level of integrity in dealing with spinal surgery. North American Spine has maintained a high level of discipline maintaining a conservative approach towards surgical operations and specifically spinal surgery. The organization is famed for its innovative and exciting approach as well as its different treatment options that are available.

Magic Mike XXL: Behind the Camera

Magic Mike XXL is definitely this summer’s blockbuster. As one of the most anticipated movies of its genre, and one of the most advertized, this movie has received a positive feedback from the audience. It is a continuation of the story about Mike, a stripper who left that way of life at the top of his career, now struggling to get the show on the road one more time. He rejoins his old crew with his best friend Richie (Joe Manganiello), Tarzan (Kevin Nash) and Tito (Adam Rodriguez).

Joseph Bismark is Taking the Business World by Storm Spiritually

I was reading, and found this article on the blog Please Don't Ask Alice. I found this article about Joseph Bismark very intriguing.

Tom Rothman To Replace Amy Pascal At Sony?

Is Tom Rothman Sony's Favorite Son?

Sony Pictures is considering Tom Rothman as the newest executive to replace, Amy Pascal as Co Chairman of Sony pictures (she is stepping down due to the Sony hack scandal). Tom Rothman, although going up against some popular and well known contenders for the job, has been an asset to Sony before. In 2013 Tom Rothman helped Sony’s Tristar film label rev up and renew this emboldened part of the industry.

Qnet- Changing the Way the World Shops

Based in Hong Kong, Qnet Ltd. was founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran, and was originally known as Gold Quest, a company that invested in gold coin collectibles. It later changed its focus and became involved in the sale of consumer goods. Today, it has 25 offices across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, in several countries, including Taiwan, Vietnam, Phillipines, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Rwanda. It also operates franchises in Turkey and India.

Jared Haftel: An Investment Banker With a Passion For Success

With three Bachelor’s degrees from Duke University from 2005 to 2009, and an MBA from Stanford School of Business, Jared Haftel is the epitome of a man on the fast track to success.

Jonathan Veitch: Bringing Vision And Stability To Occidental College

Jonathan Veitch has come full circle. Born and raised in Los Angeles, the married father of three is now the president of Los Angeles' Occidental College and lives with his children and Sarah his wife on campus at the Wallis Annenberg President's House. He is the first native Angeleno to head up the school. After graduating from Southern California's Loyola High School and Stanford University, Veitch earned his PhD from Harvard University.

A Good to Know Guy: Sam Tabar

For many people, the relationship between legal matters and financial ones is simply too fraught to be considered. However, for legal professionals like Sam Tabar, this relationship is one that is meant to be navigated with ease and foresight! Throughout his career, Sam Tabar has found the space between law and finance to be very well-suited to his skills, and in many ways, it has defined the service that he provided to the companies around him.


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